Additional Services

In order to bring you the best for your stay, MIRAFLORES LUXURY APARTMENTS offers the following additional services (see hours for pickup):

  • Transfer Service:
    –      Transfers from the airport to Miraflores Luxury Apartments.
    –      Transfers from Miraflores Luxury Apartments to the airport.
    –      Transfer to Bus Station.
    –      Transfers to museums, clubs and restaurants.
  • Colonial and Modern City Tour:
    In a 4-hour tour, you will know the impressive Historic Center of Lima, with a panoramic view of the “Huaca Pucllana”. Moreover, you will enjoy visits to palaces, mansions, churches and squares. We will end with an unforgettable view of the Pacific Ocean in Miraflores.
  • Night City Tour
    In a 3-hour tour, you will discover all the beauty of Lima, visiting its main architectural monuments beautifully illuminated. You will appreciate in detail the important Historic Center of Lima, in addition to squares and palaces of this beautiful city.
  • Lima Fountains
    You will be surprised with the largest complex of fountains in the world, certified by GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. You will see, in a 3-hour tour, a wonderful show at the famous Parque de la Reserva.
  • Barranco and Dinner Show in “La Dama Juana” Restaurant
    In our 3-hour tour, you’ll appreciate the qualities of Barranco and its traditional Puente de los Suspiros, followed by a buffet dinner and a spectacular show in “La Dama Juana” Restaurant. You will enjoy the most important manifestations of dance, and Peruvian music.
  • Sacred Citadel of Pachacamac
    In a journey of nearly four hours, you will visit the wonderful citadel of Pachacamac, the temple of Pachacamac God, the Sun Temple, the Temple of Pachacamac, the Acllahuasi or Palace of the Virgen del Sol. In addition to a visit to the district of Barranco. Experience something archaeological and mystical you will never forget.
  • Gastronomic Tour
    Discover the secrets of our Peruvian cuisine in this nearly 4-hour journey. You can see a great variety of Peruvian products, in addition to visiting the exclusive restaurant “La Rosa Nautica” where you will learn to prepare the famous “Pisco Sour” by an expert barman. You will also learn how to make a delicious “Ceviche”, prepared by the Chef.
  • Larco Museum
    You will have the opportunity to see the largest and most important collection of pre-Columbian art  in the world on a 3-hour journey. These galleries exhibit the best and most complete collection of gold and silver from Peru.
  • Gold Museum
    In a 3-hour tour, you will know the most famous collection of gold in Peru. You will appreciate an important private collection of gold artefacts from various pre-Columbian cultures, some with more than 2000 years old. Do not miss the opportunity to see an important collection of history.
  • Visit to Pachacamac
    Enjoy the opportunity to discover the oldest civilization in America. Appreciate the design and the urban sprawl of this holy city with its pyramids. This civilization places Peru within the seven cradles of civilization, with more than 5000 years. You will discover a masterful and unforgettable experience.